PARCC Testing!!!
Wow...we have finished two successful days of our new PARCC assessment. All of our students have been on time, mentally prepared to test, and even positive about taking this test and doing well. That is due to the continued support from parents and community. Thank you!!
I will continue to provide updates as we continue to go through the assessment process, finishing up our Freshmen and Sophomores this week and moving on to Juniors next week.
Thank you again for your support in this new endeavor.

Notes from the Principal's Desk.....

Hello Warrior Families,

I am always amazed at how fast a school year goes by. As spring approaches, that means our state assessments are approaching as well. Here is some basic information about our new PARCC assessment.

The PARCC, (Partnership for Assessment for Readiness for College and Careers) is a group of states that have come together to develop high quality student assessments linked to more rigorous Common Core Learning Standards that have been adopted by 46 states in the country. These subjects include ELA (Reading and Language Arts) literacy standards and math. Students in grades 3-11 all across this state and others will test.

Our first round of assessments will be the weeks of Monday March 2 through Friday, March 13. This first round is our Performance Based portion of the PARCC. The majority of this portion will be constructed response answers. It is very important that students have plenty of rest those two weeks; are arriving at school on time every day and are mentally prepared to test on the computer for a few hours every day during those weeks.

The second round of our PARCC assessment will begin sometime toward the end of April. This is the End of Year assessment that should be administered after 90% of the school year’s instruction has taken place. Once we have finalized that specific testing schedule, we will share that with everyone.

This year’s computer based assessment will address long standing concerns that parent, educators and employers have about past state assessments. Many state tests have not accurately measured a student’s ability to think critically and apply that thinking; they have just measured a student’s ability to memorize facts. The PARCC assessment will ask students to answer a variety of types of questions, wanting them to show and explain their work; respond to a written article of information as well as video and historical speeches delivered via audio recordings.

The PARCC is also different in the fact that it is connected to Common Core Learning Standards, and comparable among states. For the first time, all students in all states are being held to the same learning standards. Where as in the past, this has not been the case since each state developed their own learning standards and had tests that reflected those individual learning standards.

We have been busy here at the high school preparing for this new way of assessing. From shifts in instruction that reflect the manner in which the students will be assessed, to more rigorous tasks that require higher level thinking skills and writing skills; we have been working hard to prepare our students for this new assessment.

If you have any further questions regarding PARCC or Common Core Learning Standards, please feel free to stop by the high school and visit.

 As always, thank you for your support and for the opportunity to work with your students.

With HUGE amounts of Warrior P.R.I.D.E.

Rhonda Martinez

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